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Posted on November 20, 2022 In Custom Entertainment, Dancers, Party Planning

There are a lot of moving parts in event planning. If you’d like to peek behind the curtain, we’re happy to share! So sit back […]

Posted on November 14, 2022 In Party Planning

As event vendors, we here at Nocturna often get asked if we provide a certificate of insurance for our performers. The answer is yes, we […]

Posted on October 26, 2022 In Ambiance Entertainment, Dancers, Specialty Acts

You may have seen our old list of terms. Well, that was then. It’s been a few years and we’ve continued to grow our services. […]

Posted on October 15, 2022 In Ambiance Entertainment, Ballet, Custom Entertainment

We get a fair amount of winter wonderland themed shows every year. While we don’t handle event design or rentals, we do provide winter wonderland […]

Posted on September 12, 2022 In Ambiance Entertainment, Dancers, Specialty Acts

Weddings are back in full force, and the event industry is popping again. If you’re ready to party, you can look forward to these upcoming […]

Posted on September 5, 2022 In Ambiance Entertainment, Dancers, Specialty Acts

We were pretty busy this summer. We added 15 new performers to our roster, as well as upgrading our costumes and adding new props and […]

Posted on August 30, 2022 In Belly Dance, Party Planning, Weddings

We’ve danced at a lot of weddings. After years of gigging, we’ve nailed down a system to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here are […]

Posted on August 23, 2022 In Party Planning, Weddings

Why is an entertainment company offering a wedding checklist, you ask? Well, the nice answer is, because we want to be helpful.  The other answer […]

Posted on September 2, 2021 In Custom Entertainment, Party Planning

A lot of factors go into determining how long a show takes to produce. Chiefly, how much customization do you want? If everything is bespoke, […]

Posted on August 15, 2021 In Party Planning

Let me paint a picture. It’s December 29th, and you are finishing up preparing for your New Year’s Eve party. You suddenly realize… you forgot […]