Belly Dance Show Wedding Checklist

We’ve danced at a lot of weddings. After years of gigging, we’ve nailed down a system to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here are the steps we follow to make sure the belly dance performance at your weddings goes off without a hitch:

Pre-checklist Tasks
When you book a belly dancer, ask a lot of questions. Make sure you know how long the show is and what the show looks like so you get exactly what you expect. Next, make sure to find out exactly what they need to know in order to properly prepare for the show. Here are some specific details to tell her/them:

• If the show is a surprise for the guests or not.
• The size of the performance area. (And the floor surface, orientation to audience, etc.)
• The contact information of the DJ or the person managing the sound system.
• If there is a place to change, and where it is.
• How and when you should pay the balance.
• Special requests: if they should match a color scheme, song requests, entrances, etc.
• Where performers should park.
• If the venue requires vendors to have insurance

Wedding Dancer Checklist

2-3 months before:
☐ have a call with the dancer/director and go over all the details
☐ confirm booking (sign contract + pay deposit)
☐ decide who your point of contact will be on the day of
☐ get information from venue: performance area size, changing room, sound system hookup, etc.
☐ share performer information with planner and venue, if applicable

The week before:
☐ check in with dancers
☐ confirm your point of contact (Ideally you have a planner or ask a friend; don’t try to do it all yourself!)

The day of:
☐ changing room prepped
☐ greet dancers
☐ update them on schedule and whether you are running on time/behind/early
☐ have check/payment prepared

We hope this helps! Make sure to assign the day-of tasks to your event planner/friend so you can enjoy your special day.

Printable version: Belly Dance Show Wedding Checklist

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