How Long Does a Custom Show Take to Make?

A lot of factors go into determining how long a show takes to produce. Chiefly, how much customization do you want? If everything is bespoke, you should plan to book well in advance.

A 100% custom performance and set list takes a lot of planning. Custom performances go through a music selection stage first. After the client and Nocturna’s directors settle on the set list, the stage/performance area dimensions are needed. The songs are choreographed one by one and then taught to the performers before rigorous rehearsals. All this to say, expect the process to takeĀ  4-6 months for a full show.belly dancer with fan veil

Bespoke costumes generally need to be ordered 6-10 weeks in advance, and are then altered and embellished for 2-4 weeks once they arrive from the costumer. For large events and high budget weddings, allow 4 or more months for costuming.

Also, please consider that for large shows and performances with many dancers, a dress or tech rehearsal in the space is appreciated.

It’s always better to have extra time, so book early.

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