Complete Wedding Checklist – 2022

Why is an entertainment company offering a wedding checklist, you ask? Well, the nice answer is, because we want to be helpful. 

The other answer however… well, we’ve had a lot of brides, grooms, and even event planners come to us in a panic a week or two before the wedding because they forgot to book entertainment. Niche wedding vendors like us seem to slip through the cracks. Maybe that’s because it’s not listed on any of the half-baked checklists we found online. 

So, we thought, let’s fix that.

We created a checklist-slash-timeline that details when you should book each type of vendor, including specialty vendors. No more fretting over last minute forgotten vendors.

(Scroll down to see printable versions–including a plain black & white version that won’t suck up too much ink!)

Link to print:

Wedding Checklist – Nocturna Entertainment – 2022

Wedding Checklist – Nocturna – 2022 – Low Ink Version

Drop us a line if you have any questions!


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