Candy girls are also called cigar girls, cigarette girls, and usherettes. They pass out or sell your food, merchandise, gifts, or beverages at an event.

Candy girls typically dress in costumes to match the theme and can even wear custom trays. Our candy girls have worn costumes to match event themes such as disco, 1920s, Hollywood, Halloween, Las Vegas, and more.

This is a common service for large events and corporate customers, who want to add an expensive-looking service to their event without breaking the bank. Our candy girls walk through your guests with tray offering or selling drinks and treats. They can also pose for pictures with guests and answer questions about the event schedule or upcoming performances.

This is a great way to sell or pass out drinks, candy, cupcakes, treats, and other goodies to guests. If you have things to sell or flyers to pass out, candy girls can do that as well.

candy girls

This service can also accompany a performance: Nocturna can provide dancers that perform a show in a style of your choice and then also stay to roam through your event as candy girls.

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